Local Rules and Information


Whangaparaoa Golf Club - Local Rules and Information


  1. All cultivated gardens, tyre tracks, barked areas, earthworks, and tree stumps are GUR, relief may be taken under rule 16.1.
  2. Free relief must be taken from trees under 2 club lengths in height. Proceed under rule 16.1.
  3. If a ball lies more than 1 club length from a tree trunk and roots impede your swing, free relief may be taken under 16.1
  4. Paspalum stalks may be plucked from own mown fairway.
  5. Free relief from drains may be taken under rule 16.1 unless these are marked as a penalty area, i.e. with red or yellow stakes, then proceed under rule 17.1.
  6. There is an internal out of bounds that effects the left side of both the 7th and 13th fairway. Proceed under rules 14.6, 18 or local rule E5 (see below).
  7. If a player when teeing off the white or blue tees on holes 4 or 12, is uncertain whether the ball is in the red penalty area or not, a provisional ball may be played in accordance with the provisions in rule 18.3.
  8. Local Rule E5 To help speed up play, if a ball is out of bounds or lost the player may, under a 2-stroke penalty, take relief at the reference point (equidistant to point of entry when out of bounds or the estimated point of ball lost) within 2 club lengths of the edge of the closely mown area.
  9. The use of a GPS on the course is allowed for all competitions meeting the guidelines set out by the R&A .