Arrival At The Course
Players should aim to arrive at the golf course at least 20 minutes before their appointed tee off time and be fully prepared to tee off as soon as the players in front are out of range.

All payers must report to the Pro-Shop prior to entering the course.

On the day of play, if players are unable to meet their appointed tee off time they must advise the Pro-Shop with as much advanced warning as possible. Failure to do this is unacceptable since it may deprive another player of a game.

Sharing Of Golf Clubs
The sharing of golf clubs is not permitted. Each player entering the course must have their own separate equipment, club hire is available from the Pro-Shop

Practice areas are available for use by all players. Players practising on the course proper must not use more than two balls, greens and tees must not be used for practice.

Speed Of Play
All players must ensure that their game is played at a reasonable speed. In general, players should keep up with the players in front. If you are not keeping up with the group in front, please make every effort to catch up, or let the group playing behind you through if you are holding them up.

Complaints of slow play will be recognised only when made and signed by all members of the group playing behind. The Match Committee at their discretion and after interviewing all concerned may impose an appropriate penalty on the slow players. For example, on a subsequent playing day or days the slow players may be relegated to the end of the field or draw.

Alcohol On the Course
To keep within The Clubs licencing requirements any alcohol consumed on course or within The Club house must be purchased from ourselves. You may not consume alcohol whilst operating a Golf Cart.

Rules Of Golf, Etiquette and Care Of The Course
The Rules of Golf are available to members in booklet form and online at

All players must acquaint themselves with and observe the Rules of Golf.

Local Rules (Of Golf)
Local Rules are printed on official scorecards of the club, and/or posted on the notice board outside the Pro-Shop. All players must acquaint themselves with and observe these, rules.

Golf Etiquette
Section 1 of the “Rules of Golf” provides guidelines on the manner in which the game should be played. The main headings under the Golf Etiquette section (1) of the Rules of Golf are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • The Spirit of the Game
  • Safety (during play)
  • Consideration for other Players
  • Pace of Play
  • Priority on the Course
  • Care of the Course
  • Conclusion; Penalties for Breach

All players should familiarise themselves with these guidelines.

Care Of the Course
It is essential that players make every endeavour to ensure the course is kept in top order by co-operating as follows:

  • Keep to paths where they are provided.
  • Do not walk-through areas closed off by greens staff.
  • Carefully replace divots on fairways and rough.
  • Carefully rake bunkers after playing bunker shots. Rakes to be placed outside bunkers.
  • Don’t take trundlers between greens and greenside bunkers.
  • Carefully repair pitch marks on greens using a pitch mark repairing tool.
  • Avoid standing close to the hole while attending, removing or replacing the flagstick.
  • Don’t remove balls from the hole using the blade of a club.
  • Observe current policies and notices regarding the use of golf carts.
  • Ensure all rubbish is put in the containers provided at each tee.
  • Ensure cigarette butts are not left on or around the course and are disposed of properly.

Cart Use
Carts are permitted on the course at the discretion of the greenkeepers. There are times when cart use will cause damage to the course and we thank you in advance for accepting the decision of the greens staff or club officials regarding cart use.  Please check website or with the Pro-Shop regarding the use of carts on the day.

If you intend taking a cart out on course, please familiarise yourself with our full policy on golf cart rules and etiquette. LINK

Visitors using their own carts must seek permission from either the Pro Shop or the General Manager. If there are no Club carts for hire the visitor can use their own cart with no charge. If there are carts available for hire and the visitor still wants to use their cart a $20 fee applicable.

Players are not allowed to use a vehicle other than a four-wheel golf cart without prior permission. Use of any other ride on transport on the course is to be pre-approved at the Pro Shop. Tyre width, type of tread and noise emissions will be a consideration, plus the ground conditions on the day.