Par 4 269m Driveable for the big hitters. Challenging green slopes from front to back and right to left.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 17 269
   Gold   4 13 263
   Orange Short   3 5 135
   Purple   4 15 157
   Red   4 12 247
   White   4 17 263
   Winter Red   3 9 140
   Gold   4 15 263
   Orange Short   3 5 135
   Purple   4 15 157
   Red   4 15 247
   White   4 15 263
   Winter Red   3 7 140


We’re an Auckland-based Tree maintenance company, covering the greater Auckland and Rodney area, offering a wide range arboricultural services: tree felling, tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding, land clearing and more. TREE WORK IS OUR PASSION!

Our lead arborist, John Sadler, has over 20 years industry experience and is a qualified arborist and great team leader. We have the right experience to get the job done what ever your job might be.

Within our constantly evolving industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead utilising modern techniques and tools to complete jobs in good time and to the highest standards. Naturally, we’re very safety conscious and fully insured (though we’ve never had to make a claim ! ! ).

We have a strong, no-nonsense work ethic and a “can do” attitude. With creative thinking, we can solve most problems and overcome most obstacles.