Trees down both sides of this short par 4. Fairway and green slope right to left. Bunkers front and right. Green drops away severely on right hand side.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 14 290
   Gold   4 14 281
   Purple   4 14 118
   Red   4 5 277
   White   4 14 281
   Gold   4 10 281
   Purple   4 14 118
   Red   4 14 277
   White   4 14 281

Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry is the world’s first “Karakuchi” or ‘dry’ beer and since its debut in 1987 it has grown in popularity to become Japans #1 beer and a favourite worldwide.

Through innovative Japanese brewing techniques, Asahi Super Dry has achieved a delicate, yet rich, full-flavoured body with a refreshing dry aftertaste. 

It is brewed using the finest quality yeast, malt, hops, maize & rice. 

Firmly focused on consumer taste preferences, Asahi is brewed to perfectly compliment any meal while retaining its refreshing quality. It’s no wonder it’s the preferred premium Japanese beer for consumers across New Zealand.