Out of bounds on right and hazard at rear. Green slopes front to back and hard to hold.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   3 16 128
   Gold   3 12 128
   Orange Short   3 12 130
   Purple   3 18 76
   Red   3 7 128
   White   3 16 128
   Winter Red   3 6 130
   Gold   3 18 128
   Orange Short   3 12 130
   Purple   3 18 76
   Red   3 18 128
   White   3 16 128
   Winter Red   3 14 130

Orewa Optics

Orewa Optics is a leading independent optometry practice with experts in our field who provide exceptional care to generations of families. Owners Petra and Angela, and most of the friendly staff, are locals who know and understand the community.


Our optometrists Anuja, Helen, Grant, Erin and Sasha are very experienced in dealing with all areas of eye health including glaucoma and macular degeneration. Areas of speciality include low vision, visually related learning disorders, and contact lenses.


Our qualified Dispensing Opticians Petra , Angela and Christine differentiate us from other practices. With their skills and experience, the latest eyewear collections and the most advanced instrumentation and lens technology, they can provide the perfect pair of glasses for your visual needs.



Come into our store and take a look at our latest quality frames and sunglasses from around the world and EXPERIENCE THE OREWA OPTICS DIFFERENCE, where your satisfaction is our number one focus.